This DIY bubble foam mask is the answer to gross pores, and it’s legitimately fun too

We’re always on the search for new mask trends. After all, nothing seems to help our skin quite like a good mask! So when we came across this DIY bubble foam mask from beauty Instagram fave Farah Dhukai, we knew we’d have to give this one a shot.

ICYMI, bubble masks have been huge recently, but they can be pretty darn expensive. Honestly, TG for Farah for sharing this much, much cheaper recipe.

Why should you use this DIY bubble foam mask? Farah explains,

"⛄️DIY BUBBLE FOAM MASK!! Servin some Mrs. Doubtfire realness Ive seen this bubble mask that foams after you apply it onto the skin so I thought I would DIY it... the diy version starts as a foam (because its all natural) but you can feel the bubbles working on your skin.. so SHRINK LARGE PORES and GET HYDRATED, SOFT, SUPER TIGHT skin!! (you know that tight feeling facelift you get when you wear a super tight high ponytail.. thats what this feels like. natural botox lol)"

According to Farah, here’s what you need to make this happen:

"EGG WHITES (from one egg) **make sure there is NO YOLK otherwise this wont bubble) SUGAR (1 tbsp) -you can do this with JUST egg whites too but I like adding sugar cuz of the amazing benefits it has for your skin! more on that later WHISK your egg whites and sugar in a ceramic/metal bowl. DO NOT use plastic (it wont foam) .. you can use an electric mixer or whisk it by hand ❄️Keep whisking until it changes from runny yellowish egg whites to a white thick bubbly foam"

While it may smell DELISH, Farah warns that you *probably* shouldn’t eat this considering the raw eggs and all. And because, well, you need it for your face! But now that you’ve got the inside scoop, you’re ready to give this magic mask a shot. Happy masking!

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