DIY Birdcage Beanie

A beanie with a birdcage veil is a great winter accessory. Rihanna and Miley Cyrus have been rocking it and you can you too! Just take an old sweater and DIY it!

Step 1: Cut across sweater, right under the arms
Step 2: Fit around your head, chop off extra fabric
Step 3: Fold in half, sew up the side
Tip: fabric should be inside-out
Step 4: Fold in half again, cut arch shape at the top
Step 5: Reinforce sewn seam
Step 6: Sew adjacent arches together, sew middle hole together

Flip inside out and the beanie is done! Now to add the birdcage…

Step 1: Loosely wrap beanie in netting, trim
Step 2: Sew sides of netting together (do not tie off)
Step 3: Insert beanie, pull thread so netting gathers. Sew down in beanie fold.
Step 4: Fold netting in half.
Optional: Make a bow with excess netting, attach to gathered seam

Now rock it!

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