This DIY best friend pillow is a perfect gift for any long-distance friendship

You and your BFF probably share everything. Clothes, music, food. You might even wear matching bathing suits and pose in novelty pool floats when you feel like being extra on Instagram. But regardless of what you share, it’s important and fun to give gifts that symbolize keeping a friendship together. And while you may already have matching BFF necklaces, we’re guessing it’s less likely that you have a Best Friend pillow set.

If you and your bestie are more into decorating your apartment than you are jewelry, you will especially love this DIY. It’s a great gift to give to your BFF, especially if one of you has just moved to a different city. Plus, it’s homemade, not store-bought so it comes with extra ~feels~ and meaning. You and your bestie will be old and gray and will still have these pillows, guaranteed. Watch the video below for instructions.

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DIY Best Friend Pillow


Fabric scissors
Pillow Stuffing
Sequin string
Chalk pencil


1. Cut out 2 half heart shapes from the fabric. With right sides together, stitch around the edge leaving a 4-5 in. opening at the bottom.
2. Turn the pillow right side out. Press it with an iron (optional).
3. Fill with pillow stuffing.
4. Sketch the “best” letters with a chalk pencil.
5. Glue sequin string to the sketched letters.
6. Glue a loop of the rope inside the top of the heart.
7. Whip stitch the hole at the bottom closed.
8. Repeat steps for the “friends” pillow.

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