The Dixie Chicks dropped a brand-new song to help us wait for their delayed Gaslighter album

We may have to wait a bit longer than we’d like to for the release of the Dixie Chicks’ next album, Gaslighter, which will be their first in 14 years. But the Chicks just made the wait a bit less difficult. The country group dropped Track 9 off Gaslighter, titled “Julianna Calm Down,” and one Instagram follower put it best: “This song is like a big hug.”

The Dixie Chicks posted the lyric video for “Julianna Calm Down” to their Instagram on May 3rd, rekindling excitement for their upcoming album release. Juliana is the name of band member Emily Strayer’s daughter—making the song a mother-daughter advice anthem over heartbreak.

Like so many of the Dixie Chicks’ hits, “Julianna Calm Down” is yet another track to add to your women empowerment playlist.

It’s all about women building up other women and refusing to let them get dragged down by men who don’t deserve them. In addition to Julianna, the song speaks to a laundry list of women’s names, presumably also from the band’s life. It starts slow, almost sounding like a funeral dirge. But by the end, it’s impossible to not dance to the jumpy beat and disco-like backtrack.

If you’ve been through a breakup or feel your world is crumbling, this song will make you realize you’re better than whatever it is that’s causing you heartache. As another Instagram user wrote, “Where was this song when I was [fighting] the urge to throw bricks through someone’s apartment window in 2014? Thankfully I didn’t.”

Gaslighter was scheduled to be released on May 1st. However, due to coronavirus, the Dixie Chicks quietly postponed it indefinitely, according to a statement in Variety. Even if we have to wait for the full album, we’re more than happy with these surprise track drops. Keep ’em coming, Dixie Chicks. We’re so glad you’re back.

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