This diver just found a man’s missing wedding ring at the bottom of the ocean

Jay Bradford, a fisherman from New Jersey, lost his wedding ring earlier this month. Actually, he didn’t technically lose it because he knew exactly where the ring fell when it slipped off his finger. That wasn’t super helpful though, since the place where the ring fell happened to be the ocean.

The ocean is obviously huge. Really, really huge. It actually might be the worst place on the planet to drop a wedding ring. To make matters worse, Bradford is a newlywed. He and his wife Meagan got married on June 19, and she was understandably upset to hear that the ring had been lost. She told the Asbury Park Press, “He texted me and said his day was going wrong. I said ‘don’t worry you will find the fish.’ He texted me back, ‘It’s not the fishing, I lost my ring in the water.’ I nearly threw up…I wasn’t worried about the cost of the ring I was more concerned with what it meant and what it symbolized.”

Meagan had even chosen a wedding ring for her husband made of tungsten rather than gold or silver, because tungsten is super scratch-resistant and Bradford spends a lot of time working on tug boats and fishing charters. He was pulling an anchor in on his friend Captain Nick Barsa’s boat Lock-N-Load when he says, “My hand hit the bow rail and the ring came up off my knuckle. The ring slid off, hit the tow rail and went into the water.”

Barsa is an amazing friend, though. We’re talking serious bestie potential. Right after Bradford lost the ring, Barsa called salvage diver Mark Thompson. Four days later, they were back on the water. Barsa managed to anchor the Lock-N-Load in the exact same spot, despite 35-mile-per-hour winds and large ocean swells. According to Thompson, the ring wasn’t even sanded over when he reached the bottom floor. He found it in less than ten minutes.

Meagan says, “When they found it I was ecstatic, I was amazed. I couldn’t be more thankful to (Barsa and Thompson) who went out of their way to do this for me. I nicknamed Nick ‘Capt. St. Nicholas,’ for this time of year because these two did perform a Christmas miracle for us to have that ring back.”

Solid choice for a nickname, Meagan. The whole thing does indeed sound pretty miraculous. We’re guessing Jay might not be wearing that ring fishing again anytime soon. Just a hunch.

[Image via Twitter.]