Would you ditch your sandals for these barefoot adhesive pads?

Summer is heeere, and every summer brings new inventions like these crazy barefoot adhesives to try and make the season brighter! We certainly see why: the sun is shining, the mermaid-inspired cocktails are flowing, and that road trip you’ve been planning is just around the corner.

Don’t forget about all the outdoor activities, either! Chill by the pool, challenge your friends to a game of beach volleyball, and take a hike, but not in the 90’s girl “you should get out of my face” kind of way. And, what could make these carefree activities better?

NakeFit, makers of an adhesive pad for your feet, seem to have the answer for that! You can literally be next to barefoot anywhere!


According to the website, the product is intended to:

"keep your feet effectively protected and at the same time support all of the amazing things it can already do."

Barefoot enthusiasts,supposedly,  can now go anywhere without worry. NakeFit claims to from the sun’s harmful rays (no more lava-like sand!), is slip resistant, waterproof, and resistant against cuts!

The product, which generated enormous support from KickStarter, well surpassed the initial amount of $22,393 big ones. Now topping $200k, the makers of this ingenious product will have no problem having pre-orders available to customers in July of this year.

There are ways this could totally be useful. After all, how many cute sandals have we ruined by getting them soaked, all to  avoid broiling pavement poolside? And don’t you ever get nervous going barefoot into the ocean, knowing there could be sharp rocks or broken glass? It sounds like these might make a good attempt at solving those evergreen summer conundrums!

Do you think NakeFit is a product you’ll check out? Tell us what you think!

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