Dita Von Teese has the world’s chillest cat who rides on top of her luggage at LAX

Now this is what we call riding in style! Dita Von Teese’s adorable cat rode on her luggage at LAX, and it’s our new favorite photo.

On Monday, Von Teese arrived in Los Angeles, California with her trusty sidekick. The 44-year-old model never goes anywhere without her cat. From the looks of it, Von Teese’s pet isn’t upset about the on-the-go lifestyle they both live.

After a long flight, the burlesque dancer touched down in the City of Angels. Just look at her fierce black dress, black heels, red lips, and oversized sunnies. It’s an ensemble worthy of being on our “best celebrity airport style” list.

Of course Aleister Von Teese was also ready for his close up when they landed.


Who wouldn’t mind traveling if they got to ride on a pile of luggage and not have to walk? Seriously, we’re all in on this new transportation style.

In case you didn’t know, Aleister is Von Teese’s BFF and super cute Devonshire Rex cat.

Her nickname for the fab feline is “The Bat” and we totally understand why.

He has a dark fur coat, and clings onto things like a bat would, aka he is “The Bat.”


This isn’t the first time that Aleister has opted to sit on top of his mother’s giant pile of suitcases. Last week, when the duo arrived in Houston, he took a ride on the suitcase express.

“We’ve arrived in #Houston #adventurecat @aleistervonteese loves cruising through the airport like this,” Von Teese captioned the airport video. “He’s never been a normal cat, he’s traveled all over the world with me since he was a little kitty. #burlesquecat #catsofinstagram #devonrex.”


It looks like these two know better than anyone how to make an entrance…and travel in style!