Dita Von Teese proves that you can make an old outfit from your closet still look glamorous

When you’re a burlesque queen, you can probably wear something new every day of the year. But honestly, if you had Dita Von Teese’s closet, then you probably wouldn’t. Dita Von Teese performs in amazing costumes, so where do they go when the curtain closes? She got dolled up one of her early burlesque costumes for a meeting with one of our favorite drag queens, Violet Chachki.

Not only does Dita look great in the roses-adorned and sequin dress, but she actually helped design the costume and partly made it herself! We usually feel accomplished when we put a belt on our maxi dresses. Dita, teach us your ways!

This is Dita Von Teese’s #nofilter lewk. We are totally enchanted! That natural light is working wonders.


This outfit wasn’t the only thing she made herself, Dita also did her own makeup (which looks AMAZING, by the way). Fun fact: if you haven’t snagged her book, Your Beauty Mark, she gives away all sorts of beauty secrets in it. We love that her bright pink lipstick totally matches the gorgeous roses on her costume.

Dita’s hair was done by the amazing stylist, Tony Medina.

Tony Medina, aka @HisVintageTouch, gave Dita the most amazing curls. He also styles wigs for Violet Chachki. We can’t wait to see what these three are cooking up!


Overall, Dita is a timeless vintage beauty. We love that she can design a costume and bring it back years later, looking just as glam!