Hold on to your tassels — Dita Von Teese is releasing an album

Dita Von Teese is a bona fide beauty icon, one of the world’s most well-known burlesque dancers, and a prolific model. And now she’s about to become something else. The star will step her designer heels into the music industry. Von Teese is recording her debut album, a self-titled work that’s set to drop early in 2018.

RollingStone.com shared the news, along with a preview of album’s first track. The lead single is called “Rendez-Vous” and has a slinky, sexy beat with lyrics like “Erotic rendez-vous today/ To eat forbidden fruit/ Erotic rendez-vous, she says/ Exotic holiday.” It sounds like the kind of tune you’d want to listen to while parading around your home, wearing a sequin vintage robe, martini in hand. Actually, we can picture Von Teese doing just that.

Curious as to how it sounds? You can give this track a listen right here. Von Teese’s voice is enchanting and sultry.

Sébastian Tellier reportedly wrote and produced the LP, and it’s a match made in Von Teese’s wildest dreams, as she’s been a long-time fan of Tellier’s work. Tellier’s manager sent Von Teese an email saying the music producer had written for her specifically. While Von Teese, who is not an experienced singer, was initially unsure, she jumped at the opportunity to work with Tellier.

"I gave them the disclaimer that I'm not a singer [and] it's way out of my comfort zone, but how could I say no?" she told RollingStone.com.


While we’ve only heard the first single at this point, we can just imagine how the whole album will sound: slinky and relaxing. We feel like we’re in a Parisian lounge sipping chilled champagne just thinking about it.


Obviously, we didn’t see this news coming. As Von Teese admitted, she’s not a singer by trade. But this is a woman who always takes risks, and they always seem to pay off. Why should her first foray into music be any different?