Dita Von Teese posted a super glam, yet super important, message about voting

As you’re well aware by now, today is Election Day, which means if you haven’t already, you need to get your butt to the polls to cast your vote. Plenty of celebrities are taking to social media to encourage fans and followers to vote, and model Dita Von Teese is the latest to join the ranks – Dita posted an important message about voting to her Instagram.

Dita, a Michigan native, is currently overseas enjoying the sights of Rome, according to Just Jared, but she made time before leaving to do her research and voted early, telling her followers that any excuse against voting is — point blank — “simple-minded rhetoric.” And all we can say is… she’s totally RIGHT.


Of course, Dita looks incredibly glam (as always!), rocking lingerie and showing off her matching red lips and nails while holding up a #GOVOTE clipboard, but it’s her message that we should all heed on this Election Day. Dita says, “Greetings from Paris! Before I left for Europe, I researched the new propositions and candidates of all offices that are up for election, and I voted early. If your response to this is ‘your vote doesn’t count anyway,’ well that’s simple-minded rhetoric.”

"There are other things to vote for; if we are ever going to change things you might also want to start looking at the other offices and proposals in elections."


Dita’s post also encourages voters to wear white when at the polls, adding, “Wondering what you should wear to the polls this Election Day? In 1992 the Supreme Court found that a 100-Foot ‘campaign-free zone’ around polling locations did not violate the first amendment, and therefore some states prohibit explicitly political garb at election spaces (it can be interpreted as electioneering). We suggest wearing plain white instead to honor the historically white-clad suffragettes who made this election possible!”

Of course, no matter what you choose to wear to the polls (though we always endorse a Dita-inspired red lip!), the important thing is just to get out there and vote. There simply aren’t any good excuses not to.