We have some news you will NOT want to hear about Disneyland ride wait times

Just when you thought Disney was all sunshine and rainbows, we’ve got some upsetting data about the Mouse House aka Disneyland. In newly released info, it was revealed that the average wait times at Disneyland are getting longer — even as tickets are getting more expensive on peak-demand days as one method to help with crowds.

No! Boo! Hiss!

Disneyland prices have been steadily increasing over the last several years, partly in hopes of keeping the lines at the park manageable for visitors. But, looking at a new batch of data released by the Los Angeles Times, it appears that those efforts have been in vain. In the first six months of 2017, wait times for popular rides at Disneyland were 24.4 minutes on average — and that’s up 28% from the same period in 2015.

It’s really no surprise that, also in the first six months of 2017, Space Mountain had the longest average wait time at Disneyland at 65 minutes, with Radiator Springs Racers taking the award for the longest wait in California Adventure at 86 minutes (!!!) on average. In the same period in 2015, the average wait for Space Mountain was 48 minutes, and Radiator Springs Racers was 73 minutes. The only ride wait time that didn’t increase was Splash Mountain. (Probably because it’s actually terrifying.)

But wait, there’s more: The Los Angeles Times also found that Thursdays are, on average, the days with the shortest waits. And the best times of year to visit? January and September. So, plan your visits accordingly…

Here’s what Disneyland spokeswoman Suzi Brown had to say about managing demand:

“We continue to work on managing demand by expanding the resort and adding new attractions, balancing offerings at our two theme parks, and providing seasonal pricing to help spread visitation throughout the year.

The takeaway: If you’re heading to Disneyland, make sure to bring extra phone batteries for all of the time you’re going to spend in line playing Heads Up! because it seems like the wait times are only getting longer, unfortunately.

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