Disneyland rolled out their own version of the Unicorn frappuccinos, with another mythical creature

The Unicorn Frappuccino released last week as a super limited edition drink but it quickly became the colorful, Instagram’able drink of spring. The divisive Starbucks drink has not only captured social media handles everywhere, it’s also inspired a hair trend. While the Unicorn frap has had just a brief time in the spotlight, it appears that a new Starbucks Frappuccino is ready to dethrone it,

The Starbucks in Downtown Disneyland has released its own take on the Unicorn frap, naming it after another mythical creature: Pegasus. The drink, which shares its name with the lovable Hercules sidekick, was reportedly created after Disneyland ran out of the Unicorn sensation.

HelloGiggles’s very own Beauty Editor, Marie, was on-hand at Disneyland to break the story (and of course try the gorgeous Pink Pegasus).

The Pink Pegasus is ONLY available at the Downtown Disneyland location and people are coming out in droves to get their own and, of course, snap a picture of it for Instagram (because pics or it didn’t happen, duh). The drink is reportedly similar to the Unicorn, but blended without the blue ingredients, which the Downtown Disneyland Starbucks had run out of.



Much like its Unicorn predecessor, reviews of the Pink Pegasus are very mixed, with some posters ready to say goodbye to the Unicorn in favor of Pink Pegasus and others yearning for the good old days last week, when we were first getting to know the Unicorn frap.

As for Marie’s verdict, she took to Instagram to say, “This is what the Unicorn Frap SHOULD have tasted like.”

While the Unicorn and Pink Pegasus Frappuccinos will soon be gone forever (until Starbucks re-releases the drinks), we’ll always have the gorgeous Instagram pics.