Don’t worry, Disneyland is full of PokéStops, in case you were wondering

When you hear “Disney” and “gotta catch them all” you probably think Fastpasses. But now, you can also think Pokémon, because obviously the happiest place on earth is full of thousands of PokéStops and Gyms. You’ve got to do something while you’re waiting 60 minutes in line for Space Mountain, after all.

Visitors to both Disneyland and Disney World have been noting that there’s a whole lot of Pokémon to catch all across the parks (and Downtown Disney) and that the little guys are showing up just about everywhere.

Disney is also the PERFECT place for Pokémon Go, because you’re walking back and forth from Frontierland to Tomorrowland regardless. It’s actually the perfect way to train. Why didn’t anyone think to combine Disney and Pokémon together before??

Just remember, if you are playing in the parks, you can’t go into any restricted areas, or climb over any fences anywhere at Disney — that’s a big no-no, no matter how coveted that Pokémon.

And who knows, maybe while you’re playing you’ll find a bunch of other friends who are also big Disney and Pokémon enthusiasts. That sounds like a perfect happy ending to your Disney/Pokémon day.

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