Disneyland is building a brand new hotel, and yes, our bags are already packed

Are you getting ready for the opening of Star Wars Land? I mean, Galaxy’s Edge? Disneyland is, and because they know the Disneyland Resort will soon be B-U-S-I-E-R than it is right now, they’re going to try and prepare ahead of time. And, they’re thinking about where everyone’s going to say when they take a vacation to the happiest place on Earth in our galaxy nor far, far away.

The theme park in Anahiem, California has just announced that they are, for the first time in almost two decades, building a brand new hotel. The still-unnamed hotel will join the likes of the Disneyland Hotel, Paradise Pier, and Grand California on the property, and from the looks of the concept designs it is G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S.

According to the Disney Parks Blog, the hotel will feature 700 guest rooms along with “extensive landscaping and water elements [that] will create a resort oasis, showcasing nature on every level of the hotel. The hotel’s location embraces the iconic Disneyland Monorail with a dedicated platform inside the hotel for direct transport into Disneyland park.”


So just where is this hotel going to be? Disney’s released an artist rending of the planned project, and it’s huge. It’s situated in front of the existing Disneyland hotel and…it’s so big, it probably means we’re going to have to say goodbye to the AMC movie theater, the ESPN Zone, Rainforest Cafe and, GASP, Earl of Sandwich.


The only thing missing from this announcement is the hotel’s THEME. All Disney resorts have a theme, and we need that question answered like 15 minutes ago.

(Maybe the theme is just, “The Crowds At Star Wars Land Are Going To Be Intense”?)

That’s not the only big change. Disneyland will also be adding another parking structure, with 6,500 spaces, next to the existing Mickey & Friends parking garage. They resort promises that this new structure will, “significantly speed up guest arrival by providing a 60 percent increase in the number of access lanes and adding additional parking capacity on the west side of the resort.” (Okay, sure, you know what I’ll believe that when it happens and it takes me less than 45 minutes to get into the lot on a Sunday.)

Construction on both of these projects starts in 2018, with the parking garage expected to finish in 2019; as for the hotel, that’s projected to be 2021.

While the hotel is a few years in the making, you might want to start thinking about making reservations now, because #GalaxysEdge. But you can’t make reservations now, that’s silly as the hotel’s not even up and running and it doesn’t even have a proper name YET. But Disneyland if you’re listening, I want to talk about securing a room now.