Disneyland is opening up a brand new ~exclusive~ club, and we want to go to there

Step aside, Club 33, because there’s a brand new swanky spot in town. Next time you’re at Disneyland and you want the royal VIP treatment, you’re not going to head to Club 33, or even the Castle (or The Tiki Juice Bar). Rather, make your way to 21 Royal, future home to the most exclusive dining location in the park.

Basically: Do you want to have dinner with 12 of your friends inside Walt’s New Orleans Square apartment? The answer is YES.

While Club 33 will always be the pinnacle of Disneyland fancy-dining,the happiest place on Earth will soon start offering another dining location for you to check out. Royal 21, located right around the corner from 33, is actually even MORE exclusive. The area only caters up to 12…and also it’s going to set you back roughly $15,000 for the night, but listen, let’s not put a price on magic.

21 Royal is located inside the Disneyland Dream Suite (the one-time apartment of Walt Disney and his family, located above Pirates of the Caribbean), and you’ll get to dine around so much Disney history. Because you’re actually dining IN the Dream Suite (please don’t spill on the carpet).



Today, the Dream Suite is themed around the different lands of Disneyland, and you and your guests can explore the parlor (New Orleans Square and fairytale themed), or venture into one of the bedrooms (themed for Frontierland and Adventureland, with a dressing area reminiscent of Main Street U.S.A.). There are also two balconies: One, kinda behind the Dream Suite where you’re completely hidden from the park; the other, faces out over the Rivers of America. This is where you’ll be dining!


As for what you’ll be eating, that’s up to you. According to the website for 21 Royal, you get to pick the theme of the evening, and then the menu will be catered around that.

Though there’s no price listed on the website, according to our friends over at WDW News Today, this evening will cost you $15,000 — but that includes the  dinner, park admission, valet service, and any other fun Disneyland surprises for you and your 11 best friends. Really, this is a bargain. There’s also no other way into the Dream Suite unless you’re dining in there.

In short, if you want to eat a Dole Whip in the same room that Walt probably ate a Dole Whip in, this is the way. Start saving up.

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