Disneyland is releasing *two* new churro flavors, and our tastebuds are SO READY

Never one to shy away from new and exciting food options, Disneyland just dropped a brand new cinnamon-sugar bombshell on us. The theme park is releasing not one but TWO new churro flavors for summer.

While the park will continue to sell the tried and true original flavor, in celebration of Fantasmic coming back to the park (Fantasmic has been MIA for a while, FYI), the original happiest place on Earth is rolling out some new food options to commemorate the occasion. As if the return of the *best* nighttime show is enough, here, have some churros.

As the Disney Parks Blog revealed, the churro carts in the surrounding Fantasmic viewing area — so that’s Frontierland, New Orleans Square, and Critter Country — will start offering these two new flavors. Are you ready for them?

S’mores churros and sour watermelon churros.

This is not some churro-dream that your mind’s made, this is really happening.

The s’mores churro will be “a graham cracker churro with chocolate and marshmallow dipping sauce,” and available at the Critter Country churro cart (just over the bridge by Haunted Mansion, unless Disneyland has recently relocated it in all the Star Wars Land construction).


The sour watermelon churro is exactly what it sounds like. It is a sour watermelon churro, available at the Churro Cart in New Orleans Square and the Churro Cart in Frontierland. Waiting for Disneyland to tweet me back as to what this churro is — like does it have watermelon sprinkles on it, or dipping sauce? The people need to know, Disney.

If churros aren’t your thing (ahem, Chris Evans), there’s also a new beignet flavor: blackberry. The blackberry beignets will be available at the Mint Julep Bar in New Orleans Square.

These new offerings roll out in just a few days on July 17th, which also happens to be the same day Fantasmic returns to the park. See you around the Rivers of America.