Disneyland is making some major changers that will make getting to the park *so* much easier

If you’ve ever visited Disneyland, you know that it’s the happiest place on earth, but getting there can be quite a battle. The original Disney park is located right in the middle of Anaheim, California, and there’s a TON OF STUFF surrounding it, from hotels, to restaurants, to offices, businesses, and of course, highways. How else are you going to get to Disneyland if you don’t hop in the car and drive down the 5 freeway?

More than likely, on your quest for rides and Dole Whips, you’ve gotten stuck in some horrible traffic. We’ve all been there, and Disney knows sitting in traffic for even ten minutes can really dilute the magic. In an effort to make getting in and out of Disneyland a little bit easier, Disney has just unveiled a new plan to create not only a parking structure, but also a magnificent pedestrian walkway, taking you right from your car to the esplanade between the two parks.


Why is Disneyland redoing their entire parking and transportation system NOW? Why, Star Wars Land, of course. They KNOW guests are going to come out in droves to visit, and ahead of the massive crowds heading to the park, Disney’s getting ready.

According to The O.C. Register, across the  street from the main entrance to the two parks, Disney is going to build a 7-story parking structure, enough to hold 6,800 cars. They’re then going to build an elevated walkway bridge from this parking structure that will bring you over the the busy Harbor Blvd.


This new parking structure/bridge area will also include Disney’s security checkpoints, so you won’t need go through them when you get closer to the park. It sounds like it’s going to make getting in and out of Disneyland so much easier. The other parking structure, Mickey and Friends, will still be used, of course. This new parking location is like, ~bonus parking~.

And what’s this one going to be called? Right now it’s known as the “Eastern Gateway Project” but… MIGHT IT END UP BEING STAR WARS THEMED? Construction is expected to begin ~soon~ with this new completely in late 2018, and know what else opens in late 2018? STAR WARS LAND!!

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