This girl is trying to make Disneyland pay for her college tuition

For most people, it’s the happiest place on earth… so it shouldn’t be surprising that it’s not just people who want to enjoy the magic of Disneyland, right? Like, maybe animals want to have some fun at Disneyland as well, and who are we to blame them! Confused? Okay, let us start over. Recently, a high school student’s tweet has gone viral after she snapped something a little unsettling during a trip to Disneyland recently. She saw a rat.

Hannah was visiting the Anaheim park when she saw this critter out in the open and managed to grab a couple of photos before it scurried off, and her message to Disneyland’s official Twitter account was absolutely priceless. She decided to blackmail the Disney park by offering up a pretty crazy reward in exchange for the sighting of the vermin.

It’s unclear in what part of the park Hannah spotted the rat, but it certainly must have come as a shock to see it out in the open, especially because Disneyland is known for being pretty darn clean most of the time. Disneyland hasn’t responded to her tweet (yet), but we’re sure that it was likely just a cousin of Mickey or Minnie passing through to say hi and ride Space Mountain… right?

Hannah later clarified that she was, of course, joking about having the park pay for her college tuition, and that she loves Disney (obvs!). The rat was clearly just trying to enjoy a day at Disneyland before saying “Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo” and heading back home. Honestly, can you blame the rat? We can’t resist those Churros either! false

Besides, someone should’ve told him that the Ratatouille ride is actually located at Disneyland Paris. Le sigh.

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