Disneyland released a new goth ice cream treat for Halloween, and it’s about to take over your Instagram

Disneyland is a magical place. And even though summer is over, the joy of Disney is alive and well, especially in this new treat for the Halloween season. Now, Halloween at Disney is always a fun time. From pumpkin churros to a gorgeous new Belle dress, there are plenty of covetable goods to beeline for in the most magical place on earth.

If snacks aren’t your option, there is also a change in rides every Halloween at Disneyland. And this year, the Tower of Terror got an upgrade. Fall is honestly the best time to go to the park, and this year, we get a special new treat for all our social media needs.

And get ready for it, it’s a bit batty!

With their new line for the Halloween season, many of the Disney treats seem to have taken a real dark turn. Literally, most of them are bat-themed. The new ice cream (specifically) for Halloween is a raspberry sundae with bat wings sticking out of it. It’s called the Bat Wing Raspberry Sundae, and it looks delicious.

Of course we want one. If not for the Instagram, for the amazing ice cream. Disneyland has a reputation for having amazing seasonal treats with a strong aesthetic value. (If you haven’t had a Disney churro, you’re missing out.) It isn’t surprising that everyone is dying to get this ice cream.

And this isn’t the only batty treat they’re offering, either. Take a look:


Now we can capture the Halloween spirit while enjoying the magic of a Disney theme park.

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