Disneyland just low-key teased a new Avengers expansion at the park

Now that you’ve braved the crowds and waited 5+ hours in line for Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission – BREAKOUT, what’s next? Well, if Disney has it their way, you’ll come back to the park — again and again – and start getting psyched for what’s coming next. Like, say, an entire land dedicated to the Marvel superheroes we know and love. Or, at least a rollercoaster or two.

The idea of a Marvel land is nothing new to Disneyland.

There’s been a rumor flying around for a few years that, eventually, the Hollywood Land area (and, possibly A Bug’s Land) would be re-done and re-branded as an all-Marvel all-the-time space. The Guardians ride was just simply the beginning of this beautiful new expansion.

Seeing as how well that is going, it sure appears that Disney is ready to start teasing everything they have coming down the road. As those on social media started pointing out over the weekend, there’s an odd Avengers reference next to the building formerly known as Tower of Terror. It appears to be some sort of manhole/vault/hatch cover, branded with the Avengers “A.”

Sure, it could just be a nice Avengers nod (seeing as how the Guardians and Avengers have YET to interact on screen), but…probably not. This hatch is, without a doubt, a nod to what’s in store. A Marvel expansion was even just recently hinted! At a panel during the grand opening of Mission – BREAKOUT, Bob Chapek, the chairman of the Disney Parks, was eager to tease more Marvel stuff:

“This is just the beginning of what will become an even bigger superhero presence at Disney California Adventure," He told the crowd. "With the strong partnership between Marvel and Walt Disney Imagineering, we’re very excited about what is to come. And it’s sure to please Marvel fans hungry for more magic at Disney Parks.

From the posts on social media, it appears that the Avengers hatch doesn’t…do anything. Like, at all. It’s just THERE. But, speculation has already begun to run wild, with many assuming that this is just the beginning of what’s coming next.

Also, there couldn’t be a more perfect time to start teasing. Disney’s convention, D23 Expo, is coming up in July, and you know what was revealed at the last D23 in 2015? Star Wars Land.

Knowing there’s a Marvel Land coming down the road…well, the wait time for Guardians is still 300 minutes, so we might want to get in line right now.

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