Here’s what Disneyland looks like as a result of the fire spreading across the Anaheim Hills

Wildfires continue to ravage various parts of northern California, but another life-threatening fire is down south — and relatively close to Disneyland.

A rapidly spreading brush fire in Anaheim Hills has quickly grown to about 5,000 acres as of Monday afternoon, since breaking out that morning around 9:20 a.m. PST.

The fire — which is being dubbed Canyon Fire 2, due to its close proximity to the site of the Canyon Fire two weeks ago — has caused mandatory evacuations for nearly 1,000 homes in Anaheim Hills, Orange Park Acres, North Tustin, and East Orange.

As the fire continues to rage in the Anaheim Hills area, with smoke and ash reaching nearby Long Beach as well as causing the temporary closing of Chapman University’s Orange County campus, local fire departments have taken to various social media channels to help direct residents to safety.

Despite the fire’s relatively close proximity to Disneyland, the park appears to be continuing on with business as usual. But park attendees got a firsthand look at the billowing smoke, ash, and ominous orange sky.

Stunned by the bright orange backdrop, residents and Disney visitors alike took to Twitter to post their most ominous photos.

We’re thinking of everyone in the Anaheim Hills area currently affected by the fire.