Disney World’s new technology lets them treat every single guest like a magical princess

You’ve secretly suspected that you were a Disney princess your entire life, but it wasn’t until this year that someone could finally acknowledge your royal highness in the manner you always deserved. While it may take a little while for your family and friends to catch on to using your royal title, nobody will have any trouble remembering in Orlando, where Disney World is outfitting guests with high tech Disney MagicBands that treat you like an actual princess.

If you’ve been to the parks in the last few years, you’ve probably had some experience with the familiar rubber wrist bands, which feature a cheerful Mickey face and the name of the guest inked onto them. What you might not have experienced is the latest round of its capabilities: The sensor from your MagicBand allows employees in the park to recognize you and anticipate your needs everywhere you go. You’ll be greeted by name on a draw bridge, have your preordered food delivered to your table without ever having to utter a word to the waitstaff, and basically live like you are actually Disney royalty throughout your stay at the park.

The technology cost Disney over a whopping one billion dollars to craft and perfect before distributing to their guests, but it was well worth it. Beyond the ease of letting you run around park basically shoving as many gloriously Disney calories as your stomach can handle, it also has the power to take care of all your travel for you. MagicBand holders are instantly fast-passed through to shuttles from the airport, and their luggage automatically follows them from their home airport to wherever they’re headed in the park without having to lift a finger. It’ll even reserve your favorite rides for you in advance. Real talk: I’m pretty sure actual princesses don’t get this kind of fanfare.

Look, I’m pretty sure none of us needed another excuse to go to Disney World (I could write a full thesis-worthy essay on why I deserve to go this instant), but just in case you needed one, here it is: You can finally be a princess for real, and you’ll never have to waste your breath ordering your own roast beef sandwich again.

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