A “Ratatouille” ride might be coming to Disney World, and will probably still end in a gift shop, not a buffet

If rumors are to be believed (and usually, they are) big changes are coming to Disney World. The park is getting ready to celebrate 50 years of making magic, and major updates and expansions are planned over the next few years. The park that’s expected to see the most overhaul is EPCOT. It is, after all, an experimental prototype community of tomorrow.

While nothing has been formally announced, over the weekend Disney World obtained permits to build in some brand new areas of EPCOT. Specifically, in World Showcase. SPECIFICALLY, in the France Pavilion. Right now, the area includes two restaurants, a show celebrating France, a perfumery that you can smell all the way in Morocco (#EpcotJokes!), along with a spot to get ice cream and pastries. What it doesn’t have is a ride.

All that might change with these new permits. Supposedly — and remember, these are just rumors — EPCOT is getting ready to build a ride themed around the Pixar hit, Ratatouille. Anyone can cook! And hopefully everyone will be able to ride this ride! (We hope it will end in a buffet because that would be awesome.)

Disneyland Paris has a Ratatouille ride — because, Paris — and it’s a *trackless* ride, meaning that while you are in a vehicle, you’re not attached to any metal rods below leading you along a path. The ride is literally magic.


The attraction is a huge hit in Paris, and the character of Remy the Rat is huge at Disney World. For a while you could *meet* a lil Remy in one of the France Pavilion restaurants, but now you might actually be able to travel on a journey with him.

(And for those wondering why Ratatouille is getting all the France Pavilion love, and not say, Beauty and the Beast, that’s because Belle and the Beast have their own land over in Magic Kingdom.)

According to the newly filed permits, a huge new building would be built in some empty space behind the France Pavilion. The area back there is huge, and could easily accommodate a new attraction (or even two). With the bi-annual Disney convention, D23, coming up in a few short weeks, this would be a perfect time to formally announce this new ride — or whatever Disney World is cooking up.

Get it? Cooking? Remy is a rat who can cook? Ratatouille makes me cry, and also Billy Eichner? Cool! Make this ride happen, please!