Disney World now has pineapple cream cheese spring rolls, and what a time to be alie

Do you ever wish your Dole Whip came in more than just an ice cream variety? Sure, you can get it as a float, or a twisty sundae with vanilla ice cream, but the idea of mixing pineapple + other foods shouldn’t be limited to just soft serve.

So, it’s a really good thing Disney World just rolled out their latest concoction: A pineapple cream cheese spring roll. It’s like eating a deep fried Dole Whip, and it is heaven on Earth. They don’t call Disney the happiest place on Earth for nothing.

If you take a visit to Disney’s brand new land, Pandora — The World of Avatar, over at Animal Kingdom, you’ll find some food offerings that are anything but ordinary. You’ve seen the Nighblossom drink before, because it is all over your Instagram. The pineapple cream cheese spring roll, aka Pongu Lumpia, is just as good, if not better, so it deserves some IG love, too (Even though, shall we say, it’s not the brightest color).


The cream cheese filling inside is sweet, but not overpowering, and wrapped in a flaky spring roll. It’s downright [*chef’s kiss*]. Bonus, unlike the Nightblossom — or even a regular Dole Whip! — the Pongu Lumpia won’t melt all over your hands.

Next time you’re about to get into a 3+ hour wait for Flight of Passage (sorry, just being honest!) be sure to pick up a Pongu Lumpia, or six, for your wait. It’s worth it.