Disney World sustained minimal damage during Hurricane Irma, but the pictures are still scary

Due to Hurricane Irma, right now, Walt Disney World is closed. The hurricane came through the theme park in the middle of the night, bringing with it strong winds, heavy rain, and for some in the area, a loss of power. Knowing that conditions would be poor, Disney World made the decision to close down for both Sunday and Monday (that’s today). And taking a glance at the aftermath of Irma at Disney World, it’s a good thing all the parks are closed.

From the looks of it, there was no major damage done to the theme parks or the resorts. But there is a lot of minimal damage — think overturned trees, broken signs, lawn chairs all over the place, and so many branches and leaves. The cleanup for this has only just begun, and it’s expected that Disney World will be up and running as normal by tomorrow, Tuesday. And by Tuesday, it will seriously be like none of this ever happened, because that’s just how Disney’s magical clean up works.

But, before things return to normal, we’ve got some images of the current condition of the Happiest Place on Earth. Cross your fingers that we never see sights like this at Disney World ever again.

Since guests are currently sequestered at the resorts, that’s where we have photos of most of the damage.


And because Disney guests are in a league of their own, some of them are spending their vacation time helping Disney clean up.

As for the parks, right now it just looks like downed trees and flooding.






(Okay, I literally cannot find a single picture from Hollywood Studios, so if you find one, send it my way, please.)

The clean up process has only just begun, and hopefully no underlying damage is discovered. Stay safe, Disney World!

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