Disney World has delayed the opening of The Hall of Presidents

Continuing a longstanding tradition of having the sitting president portrayed inside Disney World’s Hall of Presidents, Disney has announced that yes, current President Donald Trump will soon have a home in the Magic Kingdom — and rather surprisingly, he’s going to talk.

The Hall of Presidents is a 20-minute long attraction that showcases all of our past presidents, along with the current commander in chief. Since the ’90s, the current president has always given some sort of short and sweet speech toward the end of the show, basically saying inspiring things like, “Let’s all work together and American is great! I believe in health care! Happy Pride Month!” So now, color us all surprised when it was announced that Disney not only planned to add in our current POTUS, but yes, he’s going to be allowed to make a speech.

Earlier this year, word got out that Disney was seriously considering not letting POTUS talk during the family-friendly show, but according to a recent statement from Disney World, they are really putting words in his mouth. Really. Soon, you’ll be able to go to Magic Kingdom and sit in air conditioning for 20 minutes and hear what is sure to be a rousing statement from the man currently sitting in our country’s highest office.

“The same thing that we’ve done with other presidents, is the same plan we have for President Trump,” Jacquee Wahler, vice president of communications for Disney World, told My News 13, a local Florida station.

So while he will speak, he’s not going to speak quite yet. The Hall of Presidents went down for refurbishment — to add in our new POTUS — in early January. It was slated to reopen just before July 4th, because you know, America. However, the opening date has been pushed back for…unknown reasons. Disney didn’t give a reason for the delay. However, Wahler added: “We’re hopeful that, at least by the first anniversary of his election, he’ll be there with the 44 other presidents that preceded him.”

Which means that Disney’s simply hoping that the attraction is open again for November. That means the Hall of Presidents will have been down for almost a year, just to add in one robot. Is the Trump audio animatronic really giving Disney World that much trouble? I thought he was just causing a ruckus for like, the United States of America, but pleased to hear that not even Disney World is safe, either.