This iconic Disney World landmark is no more

Sadly , your next trip to Disney isn’t going to be exactly the way you remember it.

In January, the news broke that the Earffel Tower, the famous 130-foot water tower emblazoned with big Mickey Mouse ears at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Disney World, would be coming down. As of yesterday, it’s completely gone.

(Fun fact: Did you know the tower didn’t actually contain any water? It was inspired by a real water tower that had been a part of Disney Studios in Burbank, California, since 1939.)

The Earffel Tower was made famous as it served as a symbol for Disney-MGM in ads (the park was called Disney-MGM Studios at the time). In 2001, the iconic image was swapped for the gigantuan sorcerer’s hat that stands in front of the Chinese Theater.

The Earffel Tower isn’t the only thing disappearing from Disney’s Hollywood Studios. As the park prepares for a major revamp with expansions that will bring in new lands dedicated to favorites like Toy Story and Star Wars, several attractions will have to close. Other attractions, including the American Idol Experience, Streets of America, and the Lights, Motors, Action Extreme Stunt Show are also closing, to make room for the planned Toy Story- and Star Wars-themed rides.

We can only hope there’s something Rey-inspired to make up for it, because we heart her!

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