A few rides at Disney World were damaged during the hurricane, and they unfortunately can’t reopen

For the last two days, Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida has been closed. This was all due to Hurricane Irma, which moved through the state dropping an intense amount of rain and winds of 100+ mph. The theme parks could have suffered much worse damage, and as soon as the storm clouds cleared, cast members got to work cleaning everything up so all four parks — Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom — could reopen today, Tuesday.

Though all the leaves have been moved away, and many uprooted trees cleared, it turns out some attractions in the parks suffered more damage than originally anticipated, and unfortunately can’t reopen right away.

Over at Magic Kingdom, the World Famous Jungle Cruise will remain closed for the rest of the week, at least. Though Disney hasn’t announced why, cast members chatting on social media say that the maintenance dock backstage (where the boats are held after hours) has been so badly damaged the boats can’t even get onto the track — along with the fact that there are many downed trees along the route. There’s no timeframe for when it will reopen.

Elsewhere in Magic Kingdom, The Walt Disney World railroad is closed due to lots of debris on the track, along with Tom Sawyer’s Island…but it’s okay if you didn’t want to go to Tom Sawyer’s Island in the first place.

At Animal Kingdom, Kilimanjaro Safaris and Kali River Rapids are currently closed. While it doesn’t sound like any major damage was done, there’s still a lot to be cleaned up (and don’t worry, all the animals are safe). Gorilla Falls Exploration Trail and Rafiki’s Planet Watch are also closed.

Due to this unpredictable Florida weather, a majority of attractions at Disney World are housed completely inside. Things like Space Mountain, Tower of Terror, and Soarin’ remain completely unaffected by whatever’s happening outside, since they’re all indoors. So while mostly everything is back up and running at the parks, there are still a few attractions that need some TLC. Keep sending Jungle Cruise good vibes, because it probably needs it right now.

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