Don’t be alarmed, but a part of Disney World’s monorail just *fell off*

Let’s start off by staying that everyone is fine, there were no major issues, and operations on mostly all Monorail tracks around the theme park have resumed as normal. But on Friday afternoon, part of Disney World’s monorail *fell off.* That certainly doesn’t happen every day.

A guest visiting EPCOT happened to be standing in the theme park’s parking lot — FYI, the Monorail passes over the EPCOT parking lot — when suddenly a metal piece from the overhead vehicle fell to the ground. There were no injuries when the piece fell, as there were no guests in the immediate area. (Guests onboard the Monorail didn’t even realize anything had happened.)

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The guest flagged down cast members working in the EPCOT parking lot, who then alerted the monorail team. The Blue Monorail was stopped, but guests were not evacuated; the monorail was then towed back to a station where the guests safely unloaded. Still, no injuries, no one was hurt, just a little hot and shaken.


According to WFTV 9 in Orlando, Florida, Disney issued a statement saying that, “Blue Monorail had a malfunction and they don’t know what caused it to stop.” In a separate issue, to the Orlando Sentinel, Disney spokeswoman Wilma Colon explained that “The Epcot line will remain closed as workers investigate the problem.”

Exactly *what* piece fell from the Blue Monorail is still being investigated. While all parts of the monorail are pretty important, the fact that the monorail didn’t stop immediately signifies that it wasn’t a vital piece to keep the vehicle running. But still, you know, it’s probably kinda important.

We hope that Disney gets to the bottom of what exactly went wrong, and operations can resume as normal on all monorail lines.

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