We’ve finally got an extended look at Disney World’s Avatar Land and…whoa

Somewhere behind closed-off areas and tall walls, Disney is getting ready to bring Avatar Land to life. The giant Animal Kingdom expansion — first announced all the way back in 2011 — will finally open its doors in the summer of 2017 and our bags are packed! Even though we barely know anything about what this new area is going to be like! Disney has kept their Avatar Land super top-secret, and honestly, that just makes us want to visit it even more.

While a few images and videos have been released over the last few months, Disney has finally dropped an extended look at just what Avatar Land will look like. And also we have to stop calling it Avatar Land, because this is Pandora: The World of Avatar (hello, proper Disney nomenclature).

Most of the video is just a lot of people standing around looking at construction sits, and like, that’s cool. We can look at these construction sites, too. BUT THEN, we actually get a glimpse of the new Avatar boat ride, the Na’vi River Journey, which looks like “it’s a small world” if “it’s a small world” took place at night in some black-light forest disco…on steroids.


“There’s something pretty amazing at the end of that river that you’ve never anything like in your life,” Avatar’s director, James Cameron, explains to us. And we bet it’s going to be pretty cool (and might possibly be a gift shop, JUST SAYING).

Not too long ago, Disney announced that Pandora would be opening ~sometime~ in the summer of 2017, and usually ~summer~ for Disney means right around 4th of July.  There’s no official opening date yet, but we are inching closer and closer to it, since 2017 is right around the corner. Start preparing your Disney-loving heart (and, your Avatar-loving heart) for way more updates from Animal Kingdom over the next few months.

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