“American Idol” might have found a new home…and it’s Disney World

By now you’ve heard the news: After a one-year hiatus, the reality singing competition, American Idol, is getting a revival. ABC has picked up the show, and are running full steam ahead to get the show that blessed us with Kelly Clarkson back on the air. Details about the revival are still being firmed up, but we now know where the show is going to take place – and it’s the happiest place on Earth.

In a weird/brilliant move, according to TMZ some of the production of American Idol is moving to Disney World. Specifically, the audition process. So, instead of the show traveling around the country from place to place, everything will be housed down in Orlando, Florida. If you want to audition, you have to go to Disney World (TMZ seems to think that some of the auditions might take place at Disneyland, too, and well that makes sense).

The reason for doing this is that it saves the show a lot of $$$ since they don’t have to travel around the country for months scouting talent. Also, it’ll bring a lot more eager singers down to Disney World, who will audition and then probably spend $$$ getting a dole whip or two for a job well done.

Disney World is no stranger to American Idol. From 2009 to 2014, they ran the American Idol Experience out of Disney’s Hollywood Studios. The stage show had contestants audition for judges (sorry, I should say “judges”) and the winner of each day got a “Dream Ticket,” which was basically an American Idol FastPass to audition for the actual show at a later date.

ABC hasn’t confirmed that this actually happening, but it makes a whole lot of sense. You can live out your dream American Idol experience, and get your Mickey ears, too.

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