Disney villains are scarier than ever in these photo-realistic paintings

Feels like if you’ve seen one reimagined Disney princess, you’ve seen them all. But we’re not going to talk about reimagined Disney princesses today, we’re going to talk about the villains that make their dreams into nightmares.

Oh My Disney — the blog dedicated to EVERYTHING Disney — kindly asked Finnish artist Jirka Väätäinen to grace the world with some super realistic paintings of some of the best Disney villains. You know he can totally knock this assignment out of the park, because we were completely blown away by his previous realistic reimaginings of some Disney princesses and their swoon-worthy princes. Making Maleficent look like a real evil person? Piece of cake.

As Oh My Disney writes, they asked Väätäinen to do something a little more “sinister” for the Halloween season, and he certainly delivered. Now, to go along with his realistic princesses and princes, we’ve got their greatest foes. Maleficent looks like she is just waiting for you to make one wrong move and prick your finger on that spinning wheel. And the Evil Queen from Snow White? She could basically poison you using only that glare.

None of us will ever have body language quite like Ursula.

And don’t worry, Gaston still has his rippling biceps and chest hair. Some things will never change.

Head over to Oh My Disney to check out the rest of the series, and be sure to check out Jirka Väätäinen‘s webpage for ALL his amazing work.

(Images via Oh My Disney.)

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