Disney just unveiled Donald Trump in the Hall of Presidents, and this is straight out of my nightmares

After being closed for refurbishment for almost a full year, Disney World has finally reopened the Hall of Presidents. The attraction, situated in Magic Kingdom, pays tribute to all the presidents of years past — and present. For the past year, there’s been a lot of back and forth as to whether an animatronic Donald Trump would make his way inside those hallowed walls. Well, he has. The show has officially reopened to include the 45th President of the United States and it is well…

Uh, how to put this nicely. IDK if I can. I’m so sorry, Disney World. You know I love you. But imma have to agree to disagree with this new animatronic. Because it looks like…what’s the word…like a living nightmare? Downright terrifying? Not something I want to take my proverbial kids to see, ever? All of the above, and then some.

The Hall of Presidents (or “HOP” as the cool kids in The Magic Kingdom call it) official reopened on Monday, December 18th, just in time for holiday crowds. As those who witnessed these inaugural performances wrote on Twitter, the new Trump animatronic is very lifelike. If lifelike is the word you want to use, then sure. Lifelike.

Also, Trump talks inside. There were many, many rumors on the internet about whether or not he would speak during the show, or simply remain quiet (which would be the most welcome version of Trump). He gives a rousing speech, and he 100% did not craft this himself:


Also, just an FYI, there are now “spikes” in the front of the stage, so you can’t climb over them to get onto the stage — so don’t think about doing that for a selfie.

The Hall of Presidents is now open to guests at The Magic Kingdom, and if you’re looking for an air conditioned place to sit for 22 minutes, this is a perfect spot. If you’re looking for fair and just policies and laws that benefit the average American, you’re going to have to go elsewhere.