This is what the heartthrob from Disney’s “The Thirteenth Year” looks like now

It’s fair to say that some child-actors don’t grow up to be as overwhelmingly cute as they were when they donned major teen heartthrob status. But luckily that is not the case with Chez Starbuck, aka Cody the mermaid-boy from the Disney channel original movie The Thirteenth Year!


While he hasn’t had any acting credits since 2003, he grew up to look like this.

Feel like a closer look? We can facilitate that.

“A man’s best friend besides his wife.” OMG SWOON.

He’s also a talented artist!

But back to his pretty face.

Here’s Chez with his wife Whitney Sarnella. They look so happy that it’s hard to be upset over the fact that he’s promised his heart to someone else.

Aaaaaand back to his art for a moment… because this guy paints KITTENS.

Want to commission him to paint one for you?

This dude… okay, WHOA. We’ve missed you Chez!

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