This armed service member just surprised his family at Disney, and we’re not crying, YOU’RE crying

Coming at no surprise to literally anyone, Disney World is one of the happiest places on earth. It’s a destination vacation for many around the planet, and it’s also the perfect place to really do something extraordinary. While we hear stories about just what kind of magic goes on inside the park each day, it’s rare that one of them makes us bawl our eyes out at an uncontrollabe rate. If you’ve got tissues ready, prepare your hearts for this: An armed forces member just surprised his family at Disney, and he did it on VETERANS DAY.


Miguel Irizarry is a Staff Sergeant in the U.S. Air Force Reserves, and he also happens to be a cast member at Walt Disney World, too. Returning from deployment, he decided to put some ~Disney magic~ to good use and completely surprised his family at the Magic Kingdom.

But not just that — he surprised his family at the Magic Kingdom during the daily Flag Retreat on Veterans Day.

In case you’re not familiar with the Flag Retreat at Disney World, every single day at 5 p.m., Magic Kingdom lowers their American flag in the park, and they ask a current or retired service member to assist in the ceremony, becoming the ~Veteran of the Day~. For this day, Miguel’s dad was actually asked to be a part of it — he’s a 20 year old veteran of the army

“I told my dad that they are going to do a Veterans Day ceremony to honor veterans at the Magic Kingdom,” Miguel explained via email “So I got my parents tickets and they thought I was coming [home] a later date. The Salute Team [a group of Walt Disney World cast members who are veterans, current active duty, and reservist of the armed forces] got everything finalized [for my surprise visit].”

“[Then onVeterans Day] they surprised my dad by choosing him to be the Veteran of the Day while I hid amongst the crowd of veterans that were in uniform for the celebration,” Miguel continued. “Once they announced my name, I went beside my dad and finally surprised [him] with my mom and the water works began.”

Oh, we’re feeling those water works right now, too. And if you’re looking to cry even more, there’s a video of this surprise, because of course there is. Get three more boxes of tissues.

TOO MUCH. Our hearts can’t take this much. This is just the kind of happy cry we needed today, and we’re so happy Miguel got to spend this special time with his family.

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