Disney princess movies are finally streaming online, but there’s a catch

When you wish upon a star, do you wish for a way to easily stream ALL the Disney princess movies? This is a big problem right now. While you might own a lot of them on DVD you probably don’t have all of them in your collection because they’re “in the Disney Vault.” Looking online, Netflix only has Pocahontas and Mulan. Hulu has none. And to watch them on Amazon Video, you’ve got to buy each individual title. That’s not very magical.

For anyone who’s ever found themselves in this jam, there’s some good news, and then some bad news. The good news is that Disney is releasing their own version of Netflix, called DisneyLife, that will allow you to stream a ton of different Disney titles!

The bad news? It’s only going to be available in the U.K. Now we’ve got two options: patiently wait for DisneyLife to launch in the U.S.A., or pack up and move to England. I say, we all move.

The service will allow subscribers to access films, Disney Channel TV shows, books, and songs for a monthly fee, which will cost £9.99. It’ll work just like Netflix, in the sense that you hit play and you can start streaming on any mobile device.

“Families are accessing entertainment in completely new ways but their love for Disney and our unique characters and stories remains the same,” Robert Iger, the CEO of the Walt Disney Company, explained in a press release. “DisneyLife is a great example of our strategy to utilize technology to connect with consumers in more direct and compelling ways, something that only Disney can do.”

Absent from the roster of Disney movies? Star Wars and the Marvel movies. But according to Variety, Iger hinted that there could be a separate streaming service for BOTH of those things later on in the future. While that sounds awesome, I’m also mentally tallying up how much it’ll cost everyone to have subscriptions for THREE different Disney streaming platforms a month. That’s a lot.

DisneyLife will become available in November, and will roll out across Europe over the next year. But WHEN will it make its transatlantic voyage? Don’t know. Hopefully soon, because you can’t stream Frozen anywhere right now. So in the mean time, does anyone want to rent a flat with me in London?

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