Disney just unveiled some new “Star Wars” emojis, and the Force will be strong with your keyboard

If you’re looking for the cutest, words-free way to share the Star Wars love in the coming months, I’ve got some good news. Disney just dropped a brand new collection of Star Wars-themed emojis for the upcoming Last Jedi, and they’re so ah-dorable, Kylo Ren doesn’t even look *that* evil.

Well, he still is evil…but in emoji form he’s also super cute.

These emojis are part of a brand new update for Disney’s mobile game, Disney Emoji Blitz. The game offers a huge variety of different emojis you can play with during match-three-or-more challenges, and the more emojis ~win~ in the game, the more are updated into your keyboard to send family, friends, Resistance co-pilots, First Order enemies, and droids.

With this new Last Jedi update, you can snag Kylo Ren, BB-8, Rey, and Finn for your keyboard — and consequently, make everyone in your group chat jealous that they don’t have the [heart eye] emoji of BB-8.


The only downside is that you can only collect these emojis through the Disney Emoji Blitz app…but that’s actually not a bad thing, because Disney Emoji Blitz is the game you’re not playing, but should be. Is it geared for the younger crowd, but also highly addicting for adults? Are the emojis just SO CUTE I can’t stop playing because I need to collect them all? Is Disney Emoji Blitz the only thing that really de-stresses me after a very long day because it’s so soothing and colorful? Yes, yes, and hell yes.


Also the app is free, and nothing Disney is ever free, so this is a real win-win for everyone. Also, did I mention that you can use these Disney emojis like you would regular emojis?? Because there’s nothing better than sending like, an Ariel and a Mickey Mouse when your mom’s trying to have a Very Serious Text Conversation with you.

You can download the app right here, and may the Force be with you.