This is embarrassing, but Disney World just made a glaring spelling mistake

Listen, we all make mistakes. That’s a fact of life, and that’s a part of being human. Mistakes happen! But usually we don’t see mistakes happen at Walt Disney World.

If you’ve ever traveled around the area — whether in a car, on a bus, or in the sky on a monorail — you know that Disney has their own roadway systems, and they have their own roadway signs. They’re pretty ~iconic~ with purple and red backgrounds, yellow and white font. They’re also pretty cute, and clearly signify that you’re at Walt Disney World, woo-oo!

Thanks to some extensive ongoing construction (for new roadways and a little thing called Star Wars Land), along with the rebranding of Downtown Disney into Disney Springs, a few new signs were needed. It appears as if one just went up and well…while it looks fine, there’s something wrong here.

Welcome to the…Experimental Prototype of Community Tomorrow?

Yes, instead of being written as Epcot, the sign reads, “Epoct.” The Disney jokes came hard and fast:


(^This one is a super specific joke about this, lol forever.)

Better luck next time, whoever was in charge of printing this sign and also double-checking it before it went up on Disney property. Let’s hope this is the only #SignSpellingGate for the foreseeable future.

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