Disney just made a social media app for kids, but we kinda love it too

Disney has not shied away from the world of apps by any means. But they had yet to create their own online universe where Disney lovers everywhere can come together in one place to share the things they love about whatever Disney-related topic they may feel like discussing.

But that all changed with the announcement of Disney’s new LOL app, which begins to dabble with the creation of basically a digital Disneyland. And, even though it’s technically designed for kids (there are safety features that allow young ones to surf all sorts of social media outlets without being exposed to content beyond their years), it turns out to be a pretty delightful experience for all ages.

They even let you join in the fun if you admit your real age.


Once you’re in (and can let out a sigh of relief that you’re tall enough to enter the ride), there’s a lot of playful videos and fun stuff to explore. Unlike other Disney apps that seem to focus on specific Disney-oriented content (like their TV shows or how to make the most of your Disneyland experience), this is like it’s own world just made up of all sorts of Disney characters (plus tons of other delightful and hilarious videos).

Because of my *ahem* age, I was immediately drawn to a certain section of the homepage. THROWBACK!


Once clicking on the throwback, I find this throwback meme-type thing.


As you scroll around the app you’ll quickly discover there are all sorts of satisfying pics, vids, gifs and all sorts of things kids these days are into (that are secretly super entertaining). It’s basically a Disney-fied version of Tumblr. Well done, Disney. And thanks for letting everyone (regardless of age) in on the fun.

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