Subtle Disney sex jokes you might have missed during childhood

Toy Story 2


Buzz Lightyear starts cozying up to Jessie the Yodeling Cowgirl, but then she spies a critter in trouble and jumps into action. And, um, Buzz gets a little too excited watching it happen.

The Lion King


The whole song of, “Can You Feel The Love Tonight.” I mean, COME ON. Are cartoon lions even allowed to make bedroom eyes?

Emperor’s New Grove


While revealing her evil plan to Kusco and Pacha, Ezma starts to lift up her skirt to show them ~something~, and the two guys freak out completely. It’s just a knife on Ezma’s upper thigh, but they were bracing for, uh… the old woman’s worst?



In Cars, all the cars take on human personalities, like Lighting McQueen’s groupies. They rush the stage and flash him with their headlights. GET IT? FLASH?? They’re headlights? Oh Cars, so clever.



When Linguini is trying to confess the secret of Remy the Little Chef to Collette, he starts off by saying, “I’ve got a little… a little…” and for a split second, Colette actually looks down.



Hercules and Meg go out on a date to see Oedipus, and then Hercules cracks a joke about Oedipus’ problems. Like, how Oedipus killed his father so he could marry his mother. Herc, your god-like problems are nothing compared to that.

A Bug’s Life


Two fleas start catcalling Francis, not knowing that this ladybug is actually a dude. And in the bug world, pollinating = sex.



Upon learning that Anna is marrying a man she just met, Kristoff asks her all the important questions: his eye color, his best friend’s name, and his shoe size. Anna tells Kristoff that shoe size “doesn’t matter.” Oh Anna, this is what you get for marrying a man you just met.

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