Just some of the craziest Disneyland props you could actually own

There are Disney fans (ourselves included) and then there are Disney collectors. You know, ride-or-die fans who really, really love Disney and Disneyland-related stuff. And for those folks, we have some truly awesome news.

An auction house in Sherman Oaks, California, Van Eaton Galleries, is soon going to be holding one of the largest sales of Disney memorabilia on record. The sale, entitled “The Story Of Disneyland Collection,” will make 1000+ one-of-kind, rare pieces available from Disneyland’s earliest days—some of them from the first park opening in 1955 (way before the terrifying measles outbreak of late). The gallery is expected to pull in over $1 million from this collection, which they managed to acquire from the ultimate Disney lover who has been collecting these pieces for years.

Want to find the collector and kiss their face forever? Sorry, you can’t—s/he has chosen to remain anonymous. But you can buy these awesome props and display your true Disney love for all your friends (and cats) to see, because some of them are insanely breathtaking.

According to Mike Van Eaton, founder and president of Van Eaton Galleries, “The breadth of this vintage collection and the rarity of the memorabilia are a true testament to the genius of Walt Disney. It tells the story of Disneyland from the beginning like we have never seen before, and I am sure we won’t ever see again.”

Exhibition begins in just a few days on February 7th, 2015. And if you want to get your hands on some of these babies, the sale begins a couple weeks later on February 28th.

Can’t wait that long? We’ve got a preview for you. Here are just a few of our personal faves from the collection:

Disneyland original park flag

You can buy the legit original park flag. Seriously.

Don’t believe us? Here’s a picture of Walt Disney holding this very flag:

Original Jungle Cruise Attraction Poster, 1955

Imagine this little gem on your wall, for the true life adventure ride.

Cut glass e-ticket sign from Pirates of the Caribbean, 1967

This was hung at the entrance of the ride and is one of only two made! Got a spare $15,000-$20,000 lying around?

Pre-opening supplement, 1955

You got that right–you can own the introductory material to Disneyland before it even opened.

Complete ticket books

These tickets might not get you into Disneyland anymore, but it still would be pretty sweet to own these incredibly rare complete ticket books from the park’s opening. . .even if they’re over $1000 more than the modern-day usable ones.

Original Pirates of the Caribbean skeleton, 1967

For around $60,000-$90,000, you can own this prop that conveys not only your love for Disneyland, but for red wine.

First year Cast Member ID badge, 1955

Pin this baby to your jacket and proudly wear it around like it ain’t no thang.

Original “It’s a Small World” doll, 1964

Okay, honestly, I think this one is a bit creepy, but it would still be pretty great to own a doll from one of the most famous attractions of all time, wouldn’t it?

(Images via Van Eaton Galleries)

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