This artist reimagined Disney Princesses as modern women up against women’s rights challenges, and it’s not exactly happily ever after

Seeing our favorite Disney Princesses is usually a delight. But artist Maritza Lugo  and writer Danielle Sepulvera reimagined them through a political lens, and the results aren’t reassuring, to say the least. Luga drew them facing problems that are all too common for women in America.

They situated the Princesses in opposition to the GOP, shedding light on the struggles some women face with healthcare. Lugo and Sepulvera are calling out legislators who want to repeal the Affordable Care Act.

They hope to bring attention to the damage a repeal will cause young women. Using the Disney Princesses is kind of genius.

In the latest post, Tiana tries to get an HPV vaccine, but can’t because it’s suddenly unavailable. Captions always accompany the illustrations, encouraging activism and education.

Here she writes, "In our final rendition of Disney Princesses VS. the GOP, we remember that last year we had Tiana getting her HPV vaccine. In part to promote Cervical Cancer Awareness month." The two hope to"combat some of the fallacies about the vaccine itself." These fallacies include "the idea that only girls should get it, it promotes sexual behavior, or that it’s ineffective."

Pocahantas and her child, sick from contaminated water, are denied care thanks to a pre-existing condition.

Belle gets denied birth control.

Jasmine and Aladdin struggle with family planning.

Lugo and Sepulvera say their activist art is a way to fight back against feeling helpless in a tough political climate.

Lugo told Forbes, "The most important outcome for the images is that people don't become desensitized by what's happening in American politics at the moment. There is definitely a war being waged on women in this country. These images shine a light on it."

You can see more of their work on their Instagrams. Lugo is @mindsaymohan and Sepulvera is @daniellesep . We love that these two brilliant artists are using some of our favorite characters in the fight for safe, affordable healthcare. Even Disney princesses have to stay well!

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