Artist reimagines what Disney princesses would look like without “baby face”

Got a little more space in your heart for some reimagined Disney princesses? Of course you do. Today’s new take on Disney princesses is what some of them might look like if you were to take away their “baby faces” — you know, the big, giant wide eyes and exaggerated cheeks. The results are amazing, and now these girls look less like cartoon characters, and more like real people you might meet on the street. We can’t stop staring.

Tumblr user TheNamelessDoll is a Disney Photoshop wizard (remember when she turned all of the princesses into mermaids?) and has turned her creative eye to the princesses once again. As she writes on her page, she is not trying to make these princesses “‘better than the original’ or ‘what it should have looked like,’ or serve as a general negative critic on the respective movies’ animation styles!” Instead, she’s just trying out her Photoshop skills, and Disney, if you’re listening, you should totally hire her to animate your next heroine.

So what do her (more) realistic princesses look like?

For starters, gone are their giant eyes (of course) and she’s taken away their “baby face,” AKA, the roundness of their cheeks. Check out Merida for starters:

Now that I’ve seen these princesses without exaggerated features, it’s hard not to notice just how BIG those features used to be. Here’s Rapunzel, who, after edits, I think looks a lot like her voice, Mandy Moore:

Then, of course, we can’t forget the Frozen sisters.

TheNamelessDoll went above and beyond for Elsa, and didn’t just edit an image, she also created a brand new GIF, and that’s going to be on loop all day now.

What do you think? Do you like the original princesses more, or is it now so obvious just how exaggerated some of their facial features have been? Big eyes or little eyes, we love these princesses, and we love seeing them reimagined. Keep them coming!

(Images via here.)

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