Here’s more proof that Disney Princesses have dramatically tiny waistlines

Back in November, Loryn Brantz of Buzzfeed decided to alter the images of iconic Disney Princesses and give them realistic waistlines. It was a revelation to see these royal gals with more proportionate figures —and it was also eye-opening for those of us who never realized how unrealistic their proportions were and how subliminally that might have impacted us, even as kids. Now, Above Average’s Glenn Boozan has pointed out once again (in a tongue-in-cheek kind of way) how exaggerated these princesses’ bodies really are.

Boozan took images of princess and compared their waist-to-eye ratio as a way to make a point: their eyes really are bigger than their stomachs.

While we TOTALLY realize these are cartoons and not real human people, it’s kind of hard to ignore the impact our childhood heroines may have had on us. While as a kid I may have not thought, “Oh hey, Jasmine’s waist-to-face ratio is pretty insane,” but subconsciously I saw that a very, very thin young woman was desirable, was unconquerable, was perfect. And that’s problematic when this kind of body is the only body little girls and boys are seeing in Disney movies.

In fact, a recent study conducted by Common Sense media suggests girls start worrying about their body image as young as 6, right about the time we’re obsessed with our Disney heroines. So the latest reminder of our Disney Princess obsession and the problematic nature of their proportions really hits a nerve. Maybe it’s time for Disney to reexamine their depictions of princesses, and make them a teensy bit more realistic. Just a thought. 

In the meantime, see the crazy eye-to-waist ratio for yourself:

Ariel from The Little Mermaid

Princess Aurora from Sleeping Beauty

Belle from Beauty and the Beast

Queen Elsa from Frozen

Jasmine in Aladdin

Princess Tiana from The Princess and the Frog

(All image from Above Average)

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