This is what it looks like when Disney Princesses swap lives

Remember that time Snow White waltzed with Beast? No???

Well, you can see them bust a move now, thanks to the latest Disney Princess reimagining. Illustrator Dylan Charles Bonner has taken our beloved Disney Princesses and switched them in ways we’ve never seen them before. In a new series of illustrations for E! News, he’s actually moved them from their own story to another. When the clock strikes midnight, it’s no longer Cinderella running away from the ball. Instead it’s…(wait for it)…Ariel! And yes, she’s got legs, feet and glass slippers, too (obvs).

The whole series of illustrations is a lot like Wife Swap, only royal. And Disney-esque. It’s giving us major heart eyes and, at the same time, kind of blowing our minds. I’ll admit when I first saw the image of Snow White dancing with Beast, I did a double take. Wait…what is happening?? The world turned upside-down for a minute. Even Snow White and Beast seem a little thrown by the situation. Their expressions are priceless. Elsa, on the other hand, looks perfectly at home under the sea. Likewise, Rapunzel seems totally at ease taking the place of Pocahontas. Meeko the raccoon is digging it, too. He even takes on the monumental task of braiding Rapunzel’s hair. (Good luck with that, dude.)

Does all of this sound crazy? A little. But it’s also crazy awesome.

Check out the madness below…

  If you’re curious how the illustrations came about, the artist also posted his original concept sketches to Tumblr. They give a little glimpse into the creative process, and we’re just loving everything about it.

What’s next for Cinderella, Snow White and the gang? Who knows. But we’re pretty sure we haven’t seen the last of Disney Princess reimaginings. And we’re perfectly cool with that. Bring. It. On.

[All images via Dylan Bonner’s Art on Tumblr.]

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