Here’s what it would look like if Disney princesses had realistic hair

I know, I KNOW. Disney princesses are not real. They are fictional, and fun, and that’s why we loved them so much when we were kids —it’s even why we are still enamored by them as adults. No part of me is authentically jealous that every single time Ariel emerged from the ocean, her hair stayed perfectly bouncy, as though she just paid major bucks for a blow out. Nor do I REALLY care if Pocahontas’ locks stay perfectly swept behind her shoulders as she stands against a roar of wind and vibrant leaves.

But in the new tradition of refashioning Disney Princesses as realistic humans, I wouldn’t mind seeing a few cartoon ladies with hair that actually reacts to outside stimulus—you know, crashing ocean waves, humidity, wind. Which is why Buzzfeed took it upon themselves to give some of our fave Disney princesses a little. . .make-under. And you guys, it’s pretty hilarious. Take a look.

Oh sure, Ariel. Sure your hair looks this good after living in the ocean your entire life:

That’s more like it:

Oh, Pocahontas. There is just no way your hair is impervious to that magical, mystical wind:

Ah, that’s better:

Find the rest on Buzzfeed!

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