This Instagram account draws Disney Princesses with *realistic* curly hair

How many times have you done your hair perfectly, only to go outside to face rain and the promise of puff and frizz? How often have you broken a hair tie because your unruly curls simply wouldn’t listen? How much money have you spent on creams, mousse, and gels to get your curls just right? If the answers are “way too often and way too much,” then we say: the Curly Hair Club welcomes you.

While us curly ladies don’t always get the recognition we deserve, one Instagram account featuring Disney Princesses with realistic curly hair is making us feel way more validated (while also making us laugh).

Stray Curls is the Instagram account bringing curly hair realness to our timelines.

Have you ever imagined what Cinderella would look like with curls? How about Ariel or Jasmine? Luckily for us, Angela Mary Vaz, the woman behind the account, already has.

And let’s just say that there are plenty of beautiful, beautiful fly-aways.

Whether you have loose curls or corkscrews, the preparation for curly hair is all too real. With her colorful cartoon style and expressive animations, Angela is showing the often unseen reality so many curly girls face. Plus, she’s injecting this reality with some Disney vibes, which makes it all the better.

We love Angela’s light-hearted and honest take on what it would be like to be a princess with curls.

We can’t wait to see what Disney Princess is next on Stray Curls’ creative agenda.

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