This is what Disney princesses would look like if they were REAL teenagers

In every Disney movie, our fave, fearless princesses battle nebulous monsters and sorcerers, villains from far-away lands, fall in love with unlikely dudes who are questionably hairy or can’t breathe under water, and follow their hearts with impressive precision and confidence. These are things most teenagers don’t really go through, and that’s totally OK because our lives are not Disney, and THANK GOD because I don’t think I could deal with a half-lady, half-octopus trying to dupe me into handing over my voice AND finish my chemistry homework on time.

But don’t you sometimes wonder how exactly these princesses stayed so. . .fresh? And perfect? And had immaculate eye-sight and teeth and skin? I mean, according to Disney Wikia, Ariel the Mermaid and Princess Jasmine are fifteen, Warrior Mulan is sixteen, and Belle from Beauty and the Beast is seventeen. When we were their age we were breaking out, experimenting with eyeliner and failing, anddrying out our hair with constant doses of Manic Panic.

So, in the spirit of reimagining Disney princesses to look more realistic, genius Buzzfeed artist Loryn Brantz took it upon herself to show us what it would look like if these flawless teens were actually teen-like. That means glasses, braces, that inevitable goth phase, frizzy hair, choker necklaces, and semi-permanent hair dye.

Take a look and take comfort in the fact that even Disney princesses would have probably super awkward, just like we were.

Here’s 16-year-old Ariel from The Little Mermaid looking naturally flirtatious with that purple shell top.

But we all know the REAL Ariel would much rather sport a purple tank-top to match her stylin’ purple glasses!

Jasmine never hides her emotions, and we love how outspoken she is in Aladdin.

But there’s just NO WAY Princess Jasmine, at age 15, wouldn’t have found some ultra-ultra blackest of black eyeliner and lipstick and flannel to match her mood.

And Snow White? Maybe she never went through an awkward stage. (P.S. She’s supposed to be 14.)

Then again, nobody’s teeth are that perfect naturally. Yeah, there were rubber bands on those braces.


We love Mulan’s elegant style—even when she dresses up as a guy to go fight instead of her father. Girl rocked the military couture at 16.

But before she took off to war, Mulan would have dabbled in some hair-dye and experimented with some eyeliner when her parents weren’t around, right? Right. Also, major, major props for the ’90s-inspired choker necklace.

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All images via Buzzfeed/Loryn Brantz

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