Jurassic Princess: Disney princesses get the ‘Jurassic Park’ treatment

One of the best parts of Disney’s pop culture empire: The princesses who’ve embodied and captured the dreams of kids and adults all around the world for decades. One of the best parts of the Jurassic World series: The velociraptors, of course. So naturally, these two things together is absolute gold. Presenting: Jurassic Princesses.

Illustrator Laura Cooper, who draws the webcomic XP, posted her mash-up raptor portraits as a tribute to Jurassic World and the dino-filled universe it inhabits. The images hit the sweet spot of hilarious and terrifying, and Cooper’s re-worked princess quotes are gold. (Our personal favorite: “Bippity boppity blood.”)

Cooper revealed the inspiration for these truly one-of-a-kind images to Mashable, saying, “I begged my parents to let me go to see Jurassic Park when I was a kid, but I was too little. When my brother came home, he told me all about how big, scary, and wonderful all the dinosaurs were, especially the raptors! So seeing the raptors on screen [in Jurassic World] was just too much for me to handle … After the movie, I went home and couldn’t stay focused on anything. I kept thinking about how they just ate everything! All the people were getting eaten! What if they were princesses?! What if they were magical, wonderful, beautiful people!?”

Check out some of the princesses below, and visit Cooper’s full gallery for the rest.

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