Disney princesses imagined as moms is fascinating and magical

“Happily ever after” happens at the end of every Disney film. But what we don’t usually get to see is what happens duringthe happily ever after — like, after the magical kiss and wedding… once things settle down and babies begin.

Well one artist has used his imagination, talent and love of Disney to create drawings of princesses and princes as parents, and they’re utterly beautiful. Isaiah Keith Stephens from Lowell, MA has illustrated different scenarios that are giving us so many fantastic Disney feelings.

Here are some of our favorites:

Belle has no problem breast feeding in public, and it’s beautiful.

Here’s Aurora giving birth while Prince Phillip helps with lamaze.

Mulan and Shang pose in what looks like a maternity photo shoot they’ll likely post to Facebook.

Aladdin obviously super ready to show his baby a whole new world.

Ariel seems to not be super impressed with her adorable red-headed toddler’s idea of a good time.

Cinderella’s daughter clearly takes after her mom when it comes to a love of glass slippers.

Elsa’s mini-me was born with her mom’s frozen talents.

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